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Nursery - Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig

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Welcome back

We hope you had a lovely half term holiday and you are ready to enjoy the final term. There are lots of interesting events happening in the run up to the end of this academic year. Please check our weekly newsletter for dates coming up.

And just another reminder regarding the hot weather - please make sure your child is wearing sun lotion and has fresh water every day. Thank you for all your support.

Pirate Day

Beach Day

Our Two Classes - Morning and Afternoon

Our Two Classes - Morning and Afternoon 1
Our Two Classes - Morning and Afternoon 2

Teddy Bears Picnic

Easter Parade 2018

'Fancy Dress Day'

'Fancy Dress Day' 1
'Fancy Dress Day' 2


Welcome to the Nursery


Class Teachers: Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig

Teaching Assistants: Ms Ewelina and Ms Deans

Lunchtime cover: Mrs Mendelssohn and Mrs Cooling


Educational programme for Summer1 based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum

We wi

Religious Education

 Children will learn how to make the Sign of the Cross and prayers for the beginning and end of the day. Our topics for this term are:  'Good News','Friends' and 'Our World' - The role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


Father Richard came to visit us


Communication and Language

Children will read and discuss a wide variety of traditional and modern stories, nursery rhymes and poems.They will act out stories and play games during weekly drama sessions. Please continue to read the library books with your children at home. We will play various phonic games and learn more sounds.



Children will be shown how to use their pencil in a comfortable tripod grip. They will continue to learn how to trace and write their names. Older children should start copying familiar words soon.


Mathematical Development

Children will learn to recognise and write numbers 0-10. Activities will include matching, sorting, sequencing and pattern making. We will teach the children to count to 20 and match objects to numerals, using one to one correspondence. 

Children will revise the 2D shapes they have learnt so far and we will also introduce some 3D shapes.

Understanding the World

Our topic for this half term is 'Animals' and 'Water'. Children will learn about farm animals, pets, animals in the wild, sea life and minibeasts.

We are continuing to learn about life cycles of beans, hens and butterflies. Children will watch life caterpillars grow and change into butterflies.

We will also look animal patterns, their habitats and mothers and babies.


Expressive Arts and Design

Children will explore different art media and materials.  They will paint, print, use modelling materials and make collage. Children will learn new songs and play musical instruments.

We would ask your help in sending some cereal packets, egg boxes, yogurt pots or other suitable materials for modelling. 



Physical Development

Children will continue to regularly use the outdoor play area to develop their gross motor skills.In PE we will  concentrate on Movement and Games. We will also provide a range of activities to improve their fine motor skills such as cutting, kneading, drawing and painting.

Nursery Special Events


Wednesday 13th June - Blue Day

Wednesday 20th June - Beach Day

Wednesday 4th July - Pirate Day

Tuesday 10th July - Sports Day

Wednesday 18th July - End of Year Party

Science Week with Ranger Russ

World Book Day in Our Nursery

Learning through play in the Nursery


Our Welcome Party

The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man PM