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Reception - Miss Cullen

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Welcome to Miss Cullen’s Reception Class


There are 25 amazing children in this class, everyone different but equally important and special!

The class is supported by Mrs Cooling and Mrs Marques.

I am very proud of the children for settling in the way they have and for the parents being so supportive and encouraging.

In reception we are guided by the EYFS learning goals.

Please use the link below to give you more information on the EYFS goals.



The main areas are:

Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language, Mathematics and

Physical development.

Autumn Term 1

The topic we will be learning about is ‘Ourselves’.

The children will be talking about why they are special and how everyone is different but special in a unique way. We are learning to draw ourselves and other people, focusing on body parts – where they are for and the names.




The School Day


The children daily lessons: Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics.


Phonics involves learning the names of letters and their sounds – this is a vital process for the children to master as it is essential to help with reading, writing and spelling.


It is very important that the letters and numbers are written correctly - the right formation is key for the future.


There are lots of learning tools online that can be used at home.



Games on this website such as:

Word wheel

Reading machine

CVC maker




It is very important that your child is in school every day and we advise that you contact the school office if your child is absent for any reason, and that holidays are during school holiday time.


At home it would be very useful for the children to practise changing their own clothes, using a knife and fork and writing their name.





Label clothes and PE kits (navy blue shorts, white t shirt, black plimsolls, spare underwear and socks)


Book bags - check them daily


Children will be taught to read through phonics - learn letter sounds


Snacks- a small piece of fruit only should be sent in a labelled box for morning playtime. In the afternoons children will be given free fruit from school (if you could take off the skin of an orange this would greatly help your child) 


Tuck shop- Tuesdays and Thursdays 20p, if required

Religious Education


In class we have been learning how to do the Sign of the Cross and The Hail Mary.

We have also been learning a lunch time and home time prayer - thanking God for the lovely food, friends and family that we have everyday.


Topics that we will be looking at:

Myself -God knows and loves each one

Welcome - Baptism: a welcome into God's Family

Birthday - Looking forward to Jesus' Birthday.


It would be wonderful if you could talk to your child about the different topics that we will be doing in class.


A time to thank God for all the wonderful things in our world.

Talk to your child about how lucky we are to have food and how we can give food to charity to share with people who are less fortunate than us.

Class timetable - Miss Cullen