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Clubs Summer Term 2017

Summer 2017


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Here is a little information about some of our clubs:

Kids’ City

Kids’ City run an after school from 3.45-6pm every day, on the school premises. During this time children partake in a programme of activities including art, ICT, cookery and sports. For further information about Kids’ City, including payment please click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Children from years 5 and 6 who have reached about Grade 1 standard rehearse to play pieces for school events and also compose and arrange their own pieces too.  Occasionally younger pupils who are talented players may also join.


Lower Junior Choir

This is our 'training choir' where young pupils in years 3 and 4 learn to sing together in a formal choir.  The group performs at school events including the annual Summer Fair and focuses on singing in unison.


Upper Junior Choir

This is our 'advanced choir' where older pupils in years 5 and 6 learn to sing in parts, in unison and in a range of languages.  The choir is invited to sing at many local events including services and concerts at Holy Trinity Church on Clapham Common.  Performers create a musical theatre piece each year as part of the National Music For Youth Festival in Birmingham and are also examined by the ABRSM for their Choral Singing.


Brass Ensemble

This ensemble is for all pupils who learn to play brass instruments (trumpets, trombones, French horns).  The group learn to read from notation and to perform in harmony with one another.  There is often a jazzy slant to the pieces.


Recorder Ensemble

This group is made up of the most able recorder players in the school.  The members learn to play a range of small and large recorders and put their sounds together to play ensemble pieces for school events and concerts.


Football Club

Some of the children who attend Football Club also play matches for the school in the Lambeth and Southwark Primary Schools Football League. Matches are played on Saturday mornings. We are currently preparing for a Year 5 tournament and for the next football season.