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Year 1 - Miss Tanner

Our wonderful class TA is Ms Tate : )

Please note that this page will be updated frequently with important dates and information. Please check it out often so that you do not miss out on anything!


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In RE we are learning about FAMILIES

God loves and cares for all families. We have our families at home, our school family at St Mary's and our church family. We are ALL God's family.

At home, have a think about:

  • How can you show love and care for your family?
  • How does your family show you love?
  • How does God love and care for us? How can we love and care for him?


Please send in a family photo for our class liturgy on FAMILIES. These photos will be scanned and original copies will be sent home.

September 2017

  • Please join us for our first class liturgy on Thursday 28th September. It will begin at 10.10am in the Hall.

October 2017

  • Half term holiday is 20th October - 29th October. Children will return to school on Monday 30th October.


November 2017


December 2017

  • The Key Stage 1 Christmas Celebration will take place on Wednesday 13th December at 6.30pm at St Mary's Church.



Please encourage your child to use Mathletics on a regular basis. It is an exciting and fun way to learn new maths concepts. I will be assigning specific tasks for children to complete that relate to the concepts we cover in class. Let's see how many GOLD certificates we can get in Year 1!


You can find children's login details and the Mathletics link below.


Homework is given out once a week, on a Friday and is to be returned on Mondays. Children will alternate each week between an Maths and English activity. Each Friday your child will also be given a list of 8 words to read and spell and a spelling test will take place on the following Friday. It is vital that you support and enable your child to do their work thoughtfully and neatly. Please ensure that they develop a routine so that they remember to bring their work to school. Please provide a note if your child has not completed their homework.


Please ensure you are reading with your child each evening. This will help them with their phonics and blending sounds together into words. Reading records will go home daily along with one book. It is important that both the reading record and book ALWAYS remain in your child's red bag as they may be asked to read in school at any time. It is also important that you comment on your child's reading in order to liaise effectively between home and school. We follow the Oxford Reading Tree scheme at St Mary's. As children progress in their reading and comprehension they will be moved up through the scheme.

Questions to ask when reading with your child


Children will have PE two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure children have their PE kit, which can be left at school. Kits will go home every half term holiday to be washed. 

Tuck shop will be available every Tuesday and Thursday at break time. A piece of fruit will cost 20p. 



The Year 1 phonics screen will take place in Summer term 2018. The children will read 40 words and will need to correctly sound out a certain percentage to pass. We will be practising lots in school, although reading every evening is vital in helping the children become more confident with their sounds and blending


Confused by phonics?

This video gives you an idea of what the phonics screen is.

In Year 1 children are on Phase 5 sounds.

Phonics Games



In English we are following the RML reading scheme. We are working hard to learn all our sounds to help us with our reading and writing.  We love using our Fred fingers to help us sound out words. Remember to use Fred fingers and Fred talk when learning any new word. In year 1 we are trying to blend our sounds together into words.

The Noun Song

Try to make a sentence using 3 different nouns - a person, a place and a thing.

Adjectives Song

Adjectives are describing words and they describe nouns. They give us important information about a nouns size, shape, age, colour, or material.

It is a big table (the noun is table and the adjective is big).
The chair was yellow (the noun is chair and the adjective is yellow).
The little boy was lost (the noun is boy and the adjective is little).



We are trying hard to learn by heart our number bonds to 10. We are practicing our numbers 1-20 and 1 less and 1 more than a given number. We will also be focusing on counting in twos, fives and tens.  We know that basic number skills will help us develop our understanding and enable us to apply it when solving number problems.  Always remember to practise forming numbers correctly.

Maths Resources

Number bonds of 10 song

A super fun and funky dance tune about the number combinations of 10.

Number song 1-20

Let's sing our numbers 1-20! How fast can you say them?

The Counting by Twos Song ♫♪♫

The Counting by Fives Song ♫♪♫

Count 10-100 | Count by 10 Song |