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Year 1 - Mr McDermott

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Welcome to Year 1 Mr McDermott's class

I hope that everyone is well rested after their holiday and ready to begin Year 1.

This page will be used as a reminder of important dates throughout the year as well as a host of other information.



Homework is given out once a week, on a Friday and is   to be returned on Mondays. Children will alternate each week between an Maths and English activity. Each Friday your child will also be given a list of 8 words to read and spell and a spelling test will take place on the following Friday. It is vital that you support and enable your child to do their work thoughtfully and neatly. Please ensure that they develop a routine so that they remember to bring their work to school. Please provide a note if your child has not completed their homework.

September 2017


October 2017

  • Half term holiday is 20th October - 29th October. Children will return to school on Monday 30th October.


November 2017


December 2017

  • The Key Stage 1 Christmas Celebration will take place on Wednesday 13th December at 6.30pm at St Mary's Church.

Religion in Year 1

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In RE we are learning about BELONGING


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Please join us for our class liturgy on this topic on 19th October at 10:10 in the main hall.


We have been learning about what it means to belong to a group, how it makes us feel to belong to something and the importance of making others feel that they belong. 

We all belong to a family.
We all belong to the St Mary's community.
We all belong to year 1 Mr McDermott's class.
We all belong to the family of God.

Have a think about the following questions:

  • What does it mean to belong to something?
  • What group or club do you belong to? What do you do in the group?
  • How does it feel to belong to a group?
  • What helps people feel that they belong?
  • How would someone know you belonged to a group (e.g., school uniforms, badges?)
  • How could you help a new child in your class feel that they belong?


Below is a link to the user names and passwords needed to access Mathletics for your child. Some small tasks have been set to complete over the half term break.