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Year 2 - Miss Writer



Welcome to Miss Writer's Year 2 class page.


Please remember your child's costume for our Nativity!


Children all need to learn their lines and words to the songs

- link above -

please practise them at home.


Today we buried our class entry for the time capsule.  Who will open the time capsule in 100 year's time?  What will they think of our class and life in 2018?


What we are doing this term

In English we are learning about fairy tales and writing our own stories.  We have learnt how to use a variety of sentence openers and also how to extend our sentences with conjunctions.  We are getting very good at adding adjectives to our writing and are now using a lot of descriptive verbs and adverbs in our work. We are still working on our grammar and punctuation, particularly using full stops in the correct place.  


NEW!  We have recently started to use contractions e.g. they're, he'll, she'll, we'll etc. in our informal writing.  We have been introduced to the homophones:  they're, there and their.  Also, we have been reminding ourselves of irregular past tense verbs for example:  fly and flew, teach and taught, see and saw.  Please test me.


In maths we are learning about fractions and time and will soon be looking at different units of measurement like weight, length and distance.  Please continue to ask me what the time is.  I know half past, quarter past and quarter to.   


In science we are now looking at living things, dead things and things that have never been alive.  We are learning about how we know something is alive.  Soon, we will also be exploring different habitats of animals and humans.


Art has been really fun.  We will be doing lots of still life this term in addition to seasonal art projects.


In ICT we are learning about data handling.  We will be looking at how to collect information (data) and how to present it visually through graphs.  We are learning about pictograms, line graphs and bar graphs.


Our spellings are getting a little trickier but we are doing a great job and our class does very well.  We are all aiming to all get 100%!


In PSHEE we have been learning how to be a good friend but most importantly, how we can be a better friend.  We are always working on this in the playground.


Good luck to Rose and Jayson who were been elected by Year 2 as our class representatives for school council


We have now elected a Chair Person - Cara, Vice Chair Person - Diego and Secretary - Sitara.  These children will be managing future class meetings.  Our school council representatives will present any issues raised in our class meetings to the school council.  We are all learning lots of useful skills through this!


Children will be given homework every Friday which needs to be returned by the following Friday.  Please encourage them to get this done over the weekend to establish good practises.  Please remind the children they can do as much Mathletics as they like (in addition to any set tasks we give them).


Weekly maths and spelling test

The children will have a mental maths and spelling test every Friday.  


Mental Maths Test

Number bonds to 10, 20, 50 and 100.  Keep practising your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.  We have now added HALVES and DOUBLES up to 50. 



flies, tries, replies, copies, babies, carries, cries, dries, marries, families.



Homework Books and Sheets.

KS1 Maths SATs Buster Book:

KS1 English Comprehension Book: 

KS1 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Book:



Mathletics: See Mathletics for activities.

Home Reading

The children have reading books and should be reading for about 10-20 minutes a day.  Please encourage them to read by making it part of their daily routine.  It is really helpful to question them about what they have read to check their understanding. 


School Reading

The children will be read with once a week.  This may be in a guided reading session where we will discuss a story and ask questions about the text, for example: why an author may have chosen to use certain language or write in a particular style, to make predictions and inferences.  We also ask the children to make links to other books they are reading at home.  In addition, the children will read every other week in a one on one setting and change their home reading book.


Lexia Reading

Please find below a link to Lexia - a spelling and reading programme.

Your log in is your first name and the first letter of your surname (eg Sarah Smith would be sarahs).

Your password is read.

Any problems or questions please ask Mrs Price in Year 6.

Class Timetable