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Year 4 - Mrs Benedykt and Miss Doody


Welcome to Year 4!


Mrs Benedykt and Miss Doody

Watch this space for ...

                                                                                              Watch this space for ... 1

Well done Philipp and Chloe who have been chosen as Stars of the Week this week! They have worked very hard in lessons. 

Keep up the great work everyone!

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English Spelling Practice 

We are continuously learning new prefixes and their meanings. This week we have focused on antiPlease use the following link to practise using them!







We have learned lots about how to live a healthy lifestyle, including eating a balanced diet.

We had great fun when we had a Healthy Eating table quiz in class, and communicated really well in our groups.


Wow! What a great week we've had sculpting, sketching and painting! We are a very artistic class and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the week.

We used our class book for this half term as our main inspiration. Being set in South Africa, and having lots of animals in it, it was the perfect stimulus for the week!

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Recent collaborative work in science and English lessons

Narrative Poetry - How the Tortoise Got its Shell by Judith Nicholls

We absolutely loved our activities during science week!

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We had a very exciting start to the spring term! 


We thoroughly enjoyed our swimming lessons in the first half of the term.


We also had the Omnibus Theatre in with us on Tuesday afternoons to complete drama workshops. These workshops culminated in real actors acting out our story in the actual theatre!

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Our current topic is Listening and Sharing. We are learning about the order of mass and the prayers and responses that we say. 

We enjoyed creating our picture board of The Annunciation and making our Christmas decorations for the main hall at Christmas.



Please click on the link below to access Lexia from home:


Your Username is your first name followed by the initial of your surname.

Your Password is read (please note everyone has the same password).


I hope you enjoy using Lexia at home. It is a great way to improve your spelling.

Cycle Confident

Some of the children in Year 3 and 4 were chosen to take part in  training so that they can ride their bikes more confidently.

If you would like a free training session, please visit their website for more information!

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Look what we read in class!

Look what we read in class! 1

We wrote some wonderful compositions based on the book we were reading in class.

We wrote some wonderful compositions based on the book we were reading in class. 1

We created a series of freeze frames demonstrating Lila's journey up Mount Merapi.

We enjoyed doing lots of classifying in one of our first science topics, Living Things and Their Habitats!

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Our PE days this year are Wednesday and Friday. Remember to have your PE kit in school and that your plimsolls still fit!

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Mathletics homework will be set from next week. You can use your password to start working towards achieving a gold certificate - good luck!