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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Year 5/6 - Mr Rodger

Star of the Week 

Well done to Asnerom who was the Year 5 and 6 Star of the Week.   



Year 5 and 6

Our liturgy date this term is:

30th January

Please come and join us from 10.10am.

We will attend mass at St. Mary's Church this Friday at 12.30.


This term we will be studying the following areas:


Religious Education


This term the topics are:

Sources, Unity and Death and New Life.

Please keep the Benedictine nuns in Italy in your prayers. They were very pleased to receive all of the letters from the children. 


We pray for all our children and families this new year.

Lord, I pray that the children will experience the peace of God this year that exceeds all understanding. I pray they will not worry about things they cannot control, but that You will guard their hearts and minds and keep them trusting in You. I pray they will develop a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving as they look to You daily for their needs. I pray that You will give them the capacity for joy that bubbles up from Your peace.



Lord, we pray for each one of our family members to be blessed with Your love and providence, that they may be part of a family of unity, peace and well being.

May there be love in the family which will overlook all shortcomings. May there be forgiveness and acceptance in the times of failure and disappointments.

For those who are without faith, we pray that You open a door of opportunity for one to reach them with Your Good News. Convert their unbelief to embrace You, Lord Jesus Christ, with their hearts.





The children will continue studying Brightstorm.


Please ensure your child keeps up-to-date with reading activities, so that they can participate fully with classroom activities.


We will also supplement our class novel by reading and writing our own short stories.





Picture 1



Children will have arithmetic lessons when they arrive in the morning, so aim to get in on time. 

It is important that your child is confident with their times tables

up to 12 x 12 so please encourage them to get as much practice as they can at home.


Mathletics has lots of activities that they can use for this.


The children will be learning about                                           




Mr Naughton will be teaching science every Monday and Wednesday. 




The children will be studying the United Kingdom this term. They will look at the human and physical features that shape the place we live. If you have any books at home which may be useful, please do send them in. 


Earlier in the year, the children studied Ancient Greece and drew symmetrical drawings of the Parthenon as part of their art topic. 

Lexia Reading

Please find below a link to Lexia - a spelling and reading programme.

Your log in is your first name and the first letter of your surname (eg Sarah Smith would be sarahs).

Your password is read.


Any problems or questions please ask Mrs Price in Year 6.

SATs Meeting presentation

Sticky Dice Investigation

Sticky Dice Investigation 1
Sticky Dice Investigation 2
Sticky Dice Investigation 3
Sticky Dice Investigation 4
Sticky Dice Investigation 5
Sticky Dice Investigation 6
Sticky Dice Investigation 7
Sticky Dice Investigation 8
Sticky Dice Investigation 9
Sticky Dice Investigation 10