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12th June

Good Morning Everyone!

Here we are again - FRIDAY!

Friday is our treat day. So think about something special to do today.

But first our prayer:


And now to our activities.

Have you checked the weather for today? It is quite cloudy but also sunny in between. Yesterday I had to deliver a parcel to a lady who hurt her ankle and can't walk at the moment. When I looked out to see what the sky looked like it was warm and sunny. I didn't take my rain coat or an umbrella. It was only a 7 minute walk but then this rain cloud appeared and it caused a really heavy rain shower. As I wasn't allowed to go into this lady's house I had to walk back in it and got very wet. Never mind. Good job I had warm dry clothes to change into when I got home.

Sometimes it's better to take an umbrella to be on the safe side. What would you wear today if you had to drop a parcel at someone's house?



 We all need fresh water to drink; humans, animals and plants.

There is a lot of water in our oceans. Did you do a bit more research on sea life? Can people and animals drink sea water?

Why not?

Where does fresh water come from? And where do we get it from? Have a look around your house.

More about fresh water nest week.


But now to our other topic.

Tomorrow would have been Trooping of the Colour.  It has been cancelled because it is still not safe enough to gather in large crowds. Do you know what it means?


Did you find out what the reason is for this special ceremony? Yes, it's the Queen's official birthday. Didn't she have her birthday in April?

Yes, that's her real birthday - the day she was born 94 years ago. In April she just invited her close family and this year the Queen's birthday parade might have to be cancelled or postponed. Queen Elizabeth II usually comes out to join the horse parade either riding a horse in her official cloak or in a horse drawn carriage. They look very impressive and anyone is allowed to come and see her. Let's hope it will happen later this year.

How would you organise a big party to share it with lots of people?

Have a garden party? Or a party in the park? Or have a music festival in a stadium? It is quite difficult to organise a really big party. Shall we just have a little party with you and 5 friends?

Can you make a list or drawing with you and your 5 friends?

Think about the place - outside or inside?

Will you send official invitations? Or would you phone them?

How would you decorate your venue?

What food would you offer? Do you make sandwiches etc or would you buy everything?

Can you think of any party games?

Would you like special presents? What would they be?

Have you got party clothes? What would you wear if it's outside and it looks like rain?

So much to think about! Can you imagine there would be more than 5 guests? Maybe 30 people?

The Queen sometimes has a banquet which is a very nice formal evening meal where everyone sits around a really big table with beautiful flowers and the finest plates and knives and forks and glasses! A state banquet is held in Buckingham Palace in Central London. Imagine you have a 'Royal Party' today. Have fun!

If it was my special birthday I think I would take a ride in a 'Hot Air Balloon' over London or a country with mountains and lakes. What would I see and what would it feel like if you were high in the sky like a bird? That would be my treat but that's not possible today especially when the weather is bad. Maybe I just write a story  or read a poem. See you next week.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the weather whatever it brings.

Back on Monday.

Best wishes from Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig