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22nd June

Good Morning St Mary's nursery children and parents

Yesterday was Father's Day. Did you read Miss Pluckrose's letter? And then there is our collective worship from the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time where Jesus said: "Do not be afraid!" So let's start saying our prayer remembering God, our Father:


I hope you had a nice time yesterday with your daddy and the rest of your family and maybe even other members of your family as we are allowed to go to someone else's house now. It's best to be careful and meet in the park or have a celebration outside. I was very lucky as my son came to celebrate his birthday and his daddy's special day in the park nearby. The weather was great so we had his birthday cake and then a picnic for his daddy afterwards. We played football and chatted a lot about all the things we used to do when they were little. Have a think about all the things your daddy does with you. Can you ask your grown up if you can't remember and draw a picture about the best thing you did with your daddy.

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears? What did daddy bear do? Can you tell the story as if you were daddy bear? Have a go! Maybe mummy bear and baby bear were very tired and had a day rest. So daddy bear did all the work. You have to start saying; "I got up really early this morning and cooked the porridge. I cooked 3 portions, 1 for my wife and 1 for the baby and then I laid the table...……………." Can you remember how many bowls and spoons he needed? And which chair did he sit on to read the paper?  Just think that you are the daddy bear today. Have fun!

There are lots of bear stories. We'll have a look at some of them this week.

Here is Brown Bear - the singing version!

Can you be brown bear and make your own little book with what you see? I wonder what colours you would choose?

And then there is 'The Bear and the Picnic Lunch'

This is the bear and the picnic lunch by Sarah Hayes Illustrations by Helen Craig

And then there is our story about Silvio and Mackey. Last time we heard about Silvio, he visited his brother. Do you remember where Silvio's brother lives? Was he older or younger? And did Simon have a son? What was the son's name? Well, Silvio was exhausted when he arrived, remember? But then the brothers had so much to talk about that they forgot what time it was. Suddenly they realised they had forgotten to send a card to their farther for Father's Day! Silvio and Simon's daddy lives with their grandad in Spain and because of the lockdown they couldn't visit him there. So they took a photo of themselves and posted it by phone, apologising for the delay and promising that they would visit him as soon as the lockdown was over. Look at the photo.

A photo for Father's Day

Do you think their daddy and grandad were happy to receive a photo? Do you think he recognised them all? Who is that other creature in the photo? Is it Mackey? Have a guess. I let you know tomorrow. We'll learn a bit more about maps and countries, too. Try to find out how far it is from London to Scotland or even Spain. Do you know anything about Wales. I think that's where Silvio is heading for as his other brother lives in Wales. That's your research for tomorrow. See you then.

A funny song about Grandad by Clive Dunn