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23rd June

What a wonderful Tuesday morning. Welcome everybody.

The weather is beautiful and I hope you enjoyed the stories yesterday. There is a new link for a virtual library in Miss Pluckrose's letter. There are lots of interesting stories to read. But first our prayer:

Yesterday was Windrush Day and there were lots of people talking about it on the radio and on TV. The Empire Windrush, originally MV Monte Rosa, was a passenger liner and cruise ship. Between 1948 and 1973 people took this boat to come to the UK from Caribbean countries. Many worked in hospitals and other places and have lived here for a very long time, having their children living here now as well. It's not always easy to move away from your place of birth but we are all part of the world wide church and Jesus reminded us to love one another as he had loved us. God, our Father knows we are all special and will look after each and every one of us but we need to remember how to care for the people in our community and always treat them fairly.


There was a lot of travelling in our bear story. Did Silvio take the boat to Scotland? Who took him to Dumfries to his brother's place? Did he go on an aeroplane? And how far is it from London to Scotland? Did you find our? Well, from London to Dumfries is over 300 miles. If you had to walk it would take you almost 2 weeks and your legs would get very, very tired. That's why we have to take our car or train or other transport; but that is for next week to talk about.

Did you spot the other creature in the photo? Here it is again.

It's Benno, the pet dog! Benno loves Silvio. He was so happy to see Silvio especially after having been at the vets with his sister Bella all day. Bella had hurt her eye when she tried to squeeze through a fence and Bello hurt his back. He needed a couple of stitches but it wasn't hurting much. Not like Bella - she needs a little operation to get her eye better and that's why she is in the animal hospital now.

Look what happened next:

It was time to say 'Good bye' to Simon, Scott and Benno. Silvio wanted to see his other brother Brummy who lives in Wales. Everybody was sad to see Silvio go, especially Benno but it was a wonderful weekend together. Shame the weather was a bit wet and cold. But indoor picnics are the best!

Right, on your way Silvio! How will he get to Wrexham in Wales? It's too far to walk and he didn't have a car. What would you do? Well, he could have taken the bus but Silvio got to the bus station too late and missed it. So he took the train. But do you believe it - the train manager told him that the train would stop at the Welsh border because nobody was allowed to travel to Wales yet. Poor Silvio - he was looking forward so much to see Brummy again. What can he do?

He phoned his brother to find out if he could come to the border to say 'Hello' . And that's what they did.

Brummy brought his little baby girl with him. Her name is Elen. And can you see who else was there? Yes, a baby lamb. Brummy is a shepherd who looks after sheep and the lamb just followed him. Silvio was so pleased to see his brother and his little niece Elen. They weren't allowed to hug each other but they chatted for a little while and then it was time to catch the train back to London where his sister waited for him.

What happened in London is tomorrow's chapter.

What about another bear story? Have a look at this one.

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

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I wonder where they were. Do you think they were hunting the bear in London? Near the Wetland Centre in Barnes? Or maybe in another country? It could be anywhere where there is a bear cave. Maybe near the school? We'll have a look when you are back.

And then there is Paddington Bear - London Is The Place For Me

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group London Is The Place For Me · D Lime · Tabago Crusoe Paddington ℗ 2014 Marmalade Films Ltd, under exclusive licen...

Do you know any other bear stories? More tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your day.