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24th June

Good Morning wonderful children! Good Morning lovely parents!

Another hot and sunny day and I wish you God's blessing is touching your heart in a very positive way today.

Here our prayer:

Today is Wednesday 24th June and lots of people are enjoying the summer heat but me and my friend try to get up early to walk in the morning when it is cooler. There are lots of worries in lots of peoples' minds and hearts but God is great and will look after us. Here is where I had my moment with God.

That brings me back to our journeys. Today we'll hear a bit more about Silvio's family and learn about our countries in the UK. Do you know the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom? Except of Northern Ireland Silvio has been to all of them. We'll have a look at that later. Let's hear a bit more about Silvio.

Not being allowed to stay with his brother Brummy and his niece Elen Silvio decided to go back to London. This time he caught the Express bus and it didn't take that long to get back to London Victoria Coach Station. Silvio was hungry and tired and he was thinking of his journey back home. But all the underground trains were cancelled and he had no money left to take a taxi. Just when he was starting to feel a bit sorry for himself his phone rang. It was his sister Betty who had good news for him. Betty lives near Paddington Station with her husband and their twins Kevin and Kimberley. Betty passed her driving licence and hoped to get a car soon. She invited him to come for lunch. And that's what Silvio did.

What do you think? Was Silvio happy to see his sister and the twins?

Yes, he was very happy. Kimberley and Kevin wanted to play games but Silvio and his sister Betty had something to eat and a nice cup of tea first. They had a great time. Betty's husband Ron was working all day and Silvio suggested to take the bus to the park while they were waiting for his return at dinner time. Betty got them ready and off they went to the bus stop. But look what happened. It wasn't just an ordinary bus that came along.

Naughty Bus

Have you ever been on a naughty bus? Did you enjoy the story? Anyway, they did eventually get to the park but what happened there is tomorrow's chapter.

And before we have a look at flags and flowers I would like to share one of my favourite stories about a train ride. I hope you enjoy it , too.

The Train Ride. By June Crebbin Published by Walker Books

Recommended by Miss Seaward!

I wonder if there is a naughty train somewhere. What would the naughty train do?

And to finish for today, here are some activities about the countries in the United Kingdom. Your research is finding out a bit about the capital of those countries. Let's look at that tomorrow. See you then.