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25th June

Good Morning St Mary's children and parents!

Today is Thursday 25th June and I started with a beautiful walk along the river Thames. The sun is like a blessing on the water. Just take a moment to reflect on this beautiful world.

And here is a prayer I keep looking at whilst thinking about these challenging times.

Today I would like to continue Silvio's story and learn a bit more about Wales. Did you find out what the capital town of Wales is? Well there is Brummy, the shepherd who lives at the border to England in Wrexham. But that's not the capital.

Here is a bit more information on Wales.

Did you know that people in Wales speak another language? Welsh evolved from British, the Celtic language spoken by the ancient Britons. Have you ever heard anyone speaking Welsh? It is very different to English.

But now let's hear what happened to Silvio. Maybe I just show you some photos and you have a guess?

Silvio, Elen and the twins went to the park. Did they have fun?

But it was getting very hot. And they forgot to bring their water. So they went back home for a rest.

Have a rest. It's hot outside!

After the rest they went to the woods.

What did they see in the woods?  Two puppies! They looked just like Benno and his sister Bella but it wasn''t them as they are still in Scotland. I wonder what their names are? Can you give them a name?

What did the puppies find?

It was time to go home but Kimberley and Kevin had cooled down and just wanted to continue walking through the wood and discover even more new things. What do you think they found next? I'll tell you tomorrow.
There is a story about a hen who goes on a walk. Have a look!

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More tomorrow. See you then.

Good Bye for now.