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26th June

Good Morning lovely St Mary's children and parents!

And here we are - another week comes to an end! I hope you enjoyed the stories and activities but I am sure you are now quite good at making up your own games and stories. Can you draw another picture with the character in your story? Is it a real creature or is it from a fairy tale or an imaginary world?

Let's pray first:


Let's start with a magic story.

Ten Magic Butterflies - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime

Read along with guest host and author Danica McKellar as she reads her book TEN MAGIC BUTTERFLIES. Ten flower friends have a night of excitement that mixes a...

As it's treat day there will be a few more activities and the next part of Silvio's story but really you can play with your favourite toys or have a splash in the bath or outside in the paddling pool today.


What else did Silvio see in the woods?

2 Rabbits! Where they playing hide and seek or catch maybe? I think they had fun, too. But then the twins saw something else in the tree. You'll never guess.

Have you ever seen a monkey in the woods in London? Did he escape from the zoo? Or was it Mackey's friend and he was going to meet Mackey but fell asleep whilst waiting? Not sure. You will just have to have  a guess. What do you think happened there?

Anyway, it was time to go home and cook supper for Betty's husband. But on the way back to the house Silvio got a phone call. Can you believe it? It was his dad from Spain telling Silvio that the lockdown was over and he could come and visit him. And that's exactly what Silvio did. But that is another story.

Just in case you are still keen to hear another story. This is about a very old bear.


By Mick Inkpen Published by Hodder Children's Books

I hope you enjoyed 'Threadbear'.

Before I go I wondered if we could do Silvio's family tree sometime over the weekend. Do you remember Silvio's brothers names?

Simon in Scotland, Brummy in Wales and his sister Betty in London - but what about their children's names. Have a think. We'll try together. Have fun.

Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the nice weather but always take some water if you go out and it is very important to protect your skin with sun lotion, so you don't get burnt. It's also good to wear a sun hat that covers your neck and gives your eyes a bit of a shade. Sunglasses help a lot, too.

Stay safe. More next week.

Best wishes from

Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig