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3rd June

Good Morning St Mary's Nursery Children!

Welcome to another bright and sunny day. I hope you are all rested and ready for another day of learning and listening to God's wonderful world.

Here is our prayer:


We talk a lot about  how we feel lately and I hope that you and everyone in your family is well. Did you have a look at the cards yesterday and think about situations where you were unhappy? I hope you enjoyed yesterday's story of Gruff the grumpy bear! Where we have to keep social distance, that means not being physically close to other people (except your family members) can make us feel lonely. Gruff didn't have a family to live with, and that made him grumpy. Even then though we can think of nice things that make us feel good.

What would you do to cheer yourself up?

I felt a bit angry when my machine broke yesterday! So I went outside in my garden and listened to the birds and then I thought of some seeds in the shed. Do you remember when we sowed some sunflower seeds? I wonder if they are growing in the nursery garden now. And here are some herb and sunflower seeds I'll be growing in my garden today.

If you don't have a garden you could role play 'Gardening' indoors! Keep a yogurt pot or margarine tub and use some kitchen paper as soil (paint them brown) and put some rice or lentils in pretending that's your seeds. Can you draw green leaves for salad or flowers then cut them out and stick it on a lolly stick and put it into your tub or pot?

My favourite place at the moment

Can you draw me a picture of your favourite place? It could be your bedroom or the park or the shop - wherever you feel relaxed and happy. You can ask your parents to take a photo of your picture and send it to our school email address. It could be put into our gallery on the class page but if you prefer just to send it to the teacher without it being published that's fine too. Maybe your parent writes a little note to let me know what you want me to do with your picture.
Back to our story 'Gruff the Grump'. There are lots of animals who like company and playing games just like us humans. Here are a couple of videos of bears having a good time!
Here are some ideas what you might want to do to have some fun.

Tomorrow we'll have a story about friendship and being scared. Do you remember 'Rainbow Fish'? Well, he had to rescue 'Stripy Fish'. We'll hear more about that tomorrow.


And before we finish for today I would like to talk a bit more about our 'Universal Church'. As Christians there are members of our Roman Catholic Church all over the world. Jesus said: "Love one another as I have loved you."

And God asked us to look after this wonderful world

Even when times are difficult we can remember the beautiful things that Jesus gave us and the love of God will always be with us and keep us safe.

More tomorrow but if you still want to do some activities, here are some to choose from if you wish. Have a lovely day.