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4th June

Good Morning Nursery Children! Good Morning Everyone!

Today I would like to share the morning prayer with you through a video link. The prayer was written by a pupil in Year 3 some time ago. Here we go!

Morning Prayer.mp4

Still image for this video

I hope you are all well. We will hear more about 'Gruff' and how the 'Rainbow Fish' felt in an awkward situation. Then we continue talking about friends and what we can do to look after the environment, our beautiful world!


Let's start with our Bear Story! Remember 'Gruff' lived on his own but then he met rabbit and started to make friends and in the end they were both happy. Here is a picture of my 'Grizzly Bear'! His name is Silvio.
Well, I read the story to Silvio and we started talking about being happy and sad and miserable. Anyway, Silvio doesn't get grumpy very often (only when Asterix, the cat keeps licking him-Silvio doesn't like that at all!). Today Asterix is sleeping in the garden next door and remember we talked about our favourite places. Silvio and I decided to have a little picnic in the garden (that's our favourite place) but we didn't have much food in the house. Oh dear, Silvio got annoyed as he is always hungry.

This is Silvio's story 'Picnic in the Garden'

Well, as you can see there were only some vegetables (a carrot and two tomatoes) to eat. Silvio eats tomatoes and carrots but he prefers fish and nuts and honey! And he is getting hungrier and hungrier and that made him very grumpy!

I didn't know what to do to cheer Silvio up. But then I remembered Silvio's friend, Mackey the Monkey. Here are some pictures. What do YOU think happened at the Garden Picnic?

Mackey came to join Silvio.

What happened then?

Do you think it was a happy ending? Did they share the food that Mackey brought? Did they eat everything up? What do you think happened next? Do you think they are still friends?

I let you know tomorrow.

But now to our new story. 'Rainbow Fish to the Rescue' by Marcus Pfister. Do you remember how Rainbow Fish felt when he wouldn't share his sparkly silver scale? And how he felt at the end of the story when he had shared and made lots of friends? Well, here is the next part of the story.

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue - Read Alouds with Miss Martha

I hope you enjoyed today's story.
And to finish off today I would like to share a Power Point Presentation from CAFOD (The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) It is an international aid agency working to alleviate poverty and suffering in developing countries. They put photos into an ABC picture book from places all over the world.
Parents: You can move the animated picture with text to see the photo behind. I hope it works. Good luck!
More tomorrow. And just some more activities which are optional. Have fun!