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5th June

Good Morning St Mary's Children and Parents

It is Friday again and that means it's Treat Day!

We will reflect on the week we had and look forward to more stories, poems, songs and general activities to gain more knowledge and understanding of the world around us. But first our prayer.

Stillness is also a prayer

May God's peace be always with us.
Do you remember this hymn? It's one of my favourites but can we remember the actions to it? Never mind if you don't. Just sing along with us.

Give me Joy in my Heart

As it's Treat Day we'll think of some games to play and you can choose from your favourite activities but first I would like to come back to 'Friends'. Our stories were about friends and I want to share a slide presentation about being friends.

And how we feel sometimes

Right, back to our Bear Story. I am sure you made up some interesting next parts of the story but here is what happened yesterday:

It started raining. Silvio and Mackey had to quickly pack up their picnic and come inside. They were both drying off when Asterix came in. He was also very wet from the rain. He wanted to sit with Silvio and Mackey but they didn't like it and so they ran away to hide somewhere where Asterix couldn't get to. They tried under the settee but Silvio was too big and got stuck. Mackey had to pull him out. Then they hid under the stairs but that's where Asterix usually sleeps. They looked around and saw the flower pot but the pot wasn't big enough for both of them to hide behind. At last they tried the bathroom and found the washing basket. The lid was quite heavy but Silvio and Mackey both pulled really hard and the lid came off. And that's where they still are telling each other funny jokes and quiz questions. I can hear them laughing a lot. I have a feeling they like it in there and will only come out when they are really hungry again. The End.


You could continue the story and Silvio and Mackey could have more adventures; maybe in the park? Or at you home? It could be at your favourite place. You can be as imaginative as you wish. Have fun!

And now to our games. Did you play 'I spy with my little eye' recently? If you have a brother or sister you could start saying the alphabet and use the letter when you stop, for example start: (in your head you say: a,b,c,d,e,f,...) until your brother or sister says 'Stop'. Use the last letter like 'F' to find as many things beginning with f as you can. Maybe your brother or sister can find another one! Otherwise start again saying the alphabet and stop. Now find things with the new letter, maybe 'K' and so on. Repeat as many times as you like. At first it should be things you actually see with your eye but then you could have a picture and find all the animals or flowers or whatever you see in the picture/photo.


Do you remember Kim's game? We used it for phonic sessions. Let's say we look at words with 'F'. We would find all the things around the room like fish, feather, fan, food, frog, 5, flower, anything you can find and put it on a tray. Then cover it with a cloth and you take one item away. The other one has to guess what is missing.

You can make up your own games. Maybe move a cushion or get a toy and put it on the sofa. The other person mustn't see what you changed and has to guess.

What about 'Hangman'? Think of someone's first name like John or Lydia or someone in your family and the other person has to say a letter. If it is not in the name you start drawing lines each time like a rectangle and a cross on top. If the other person hasn't guessed the name by time you drew the cross, You won!

We also used to play 'Alliteration' games. Go through the alphabet: A,  say a name or word with A 'Alfie' and the other person adds another word with a. For example: Alfie's alligator or angry Alfie. You could make your own little alphabet book. Maybe start with the people in your family and add 'gorgeous grandma'? And 'baby's blanket'? Sometimes there are two samples for a letter and sometimes none; that's ok. It's your personal 'ABC Book'. You could just do 1 a day and put it together when you done enough pages. Have a go! And have fun!

There will be a choice of extra activities but first I'd like to think of a treat for Silvio and Mackey and me!

Ah, shall we all have a hot chocolate and our favourite biscuit with it?  Jaffa cakes for Mackey, Sponge fingers for Silvio and …...mmmh let's see what I can's either Chocolate digestives or Flapjacks? What would you choose?? Maybe I can have one each as a special treat today?

Have  a lovely weekend and as always, make sure you have a lot of fresh air and enjoy your exercise! See you next week.

Best wishes from Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig


PS  Thank you for all the emails, pictures, photos and samples of homework you sent to the school. It's great to hear from you.

Did you have a look at the 'Gallery' with your home work and photos of your drawings. Well done, everyone!