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6th July

Good morning lovely children and parents!


I hope you had a lovely weekend with your families and were able to spend some time outside in the sunshine, getting plenty of exercise.

We are now ready for another week of learning and fun!


Let's start with our prayer:

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit:

God above me, God below me, 

God behind me, God in front of me, God inside me.

In all the good things, in all the bad things, 

be with me all day,

be with me all night, be with me all day and night



During summer time days are really long, often it is difficult to get to sleep because it is still light outside.

The skies are usually blue and the temperatures can get really high. It can become really hot and uncomfortable and then we can talk about a heatwave. All the trees and flowers are in full bloom and the world becomes so much more colourful. There is so much we can do during those summer months. We can spend so much more time being outdoors, enjoying physical activities like scooters, bikes, playing ball or paddling in the water. Our families can enjoys picnics in a park or going on day trips to see various places. When the school year finishes, many people go on summer holidays to the seaside, in the mountains or visit their families in in this country or abroad. 

Let's start with some summer stories and summer activities. 

Today's story is called 'I see Summer'.

'I See Summer 'by Charles Ghigna

What things can you see in summer?

Do trees and flowers look different?

Can you see some insects?

What activities can you do in summer?

Do you like summer?


This week we will be learning about adding one more to a number.  

  • Write out or print numbers 1-10. Collect 10 objects from your house, for example, pencils, bricks, buttons.
  • Choose a card with a number from 1-10 and count out that many objects. (for example if the card shows the number 4 put down 4 buttons).  Add one more object and count again, than choose the right card showing the new number of objects in front of you. ( In our example you should now have 5 buttons.)
  • Repeat with other cards, choosing one, counting the objects, adding one more and finding the right card.

Have fun doing it.

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