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8th june

Good Morning Lovely Nursery Children!

Good Morning Everyone!

This week we want to talk about 'Water'. It is 'World Ocean Day' today and we will think about our environment and how important it is to look after this planet, especially our water.

But first our prayer:


And here another prayer for this month 'June' (meant for last Monday 1st June).

Normally you would have a link for our 'Collective Worship' here but that is under 'Liturgies' at the top of the main page now. Have a look at it - now or after you've done today's learning session.


As mentioned it is 'World Oceans Day'!

What do you know about oceans? Is there an ocean near London? Have a look at the map and maybe ask a grown up to list the biggest oceans with you.


How many oceans can you find?

I hope you enjoyed learning about our oceans. There are scientists who worry that our water is getting warmer and dirtier which is not good for all the sea life and consequently not good for us either. That's why we are asked to treat our planet, especially our water, with love and care. Let's not waste too much water and keep it as clean as we can. If you can use your own shopping bag instead of plastic bags from the shop that would help already.


There are colouring in pictures about 'The Sea' and have you heard about a fish called 'Nemo'? He was lost in the ocean but with some help he found his way back.

And here is the link to 'Finding Nemo'. The little fish who got lost. It is a very long story. Maybe you just watch a bit today and continue tomorrow. Enjoy 'Nemo's' adventures!

'Finding Nemo'- Full movie

Draw a sea creature or make a little picture story if you were under the sea

Enjoy the rest of the day. More tomorrow!