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9th June

Good Morning lovely nursery children!

Good morning wonderful parents, carers and all the grown ups who are doing such a fantastic job looking after our children!

Today is Tuesday 9th June and we will continue talking about the weather, water and our precious world.

But first our prayer:

God made our wonderful world and water is essential for living things: people, animals and plants. Have a look at our 'God's Wonderful World' presentation and discuss why water is important for us.

  • Draw a picture of your favourite animal or plant
  • Remember to write your name on the picture
  • Ask your special grown up to label the picture for you, and then try to copy these words

Have you enjoyed learning about our oceans? My friend's daughter wrote a children's book about 'Saving the earth....because we have to'. She is very concerned about the way we behave and destroy our environment

Last week, on the 5th of June it was the 'World Environment Day'. Listen to the story very carefully and learn how we should behave to save our earth and climate.

Saving The Earth... Because We Have To (printed book)

Have you been thinking about one thing you can do to look after our environment? Have a chat with your parent to see what your family will aim for.

My family is getting much better with recycling paper, tins and cardboard and we put food and garden waste in a compost bin. Our compost bin has a green lid to remind us about our nature. Even if it is a tiny step it is good to improve our environment. Keep thinking about what you can do to look after our beautiful world.