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Any Other Home Projects

This page is for any other projects that you are doing at home. This could be anything at all. It could be books that you are reading, things you have cooked/baked or any other things you have been working on at home.

Rapid Reading

Here is a selection of books that PZ has been working his way through, while staying at home. Well done PZ, this looks like a great selection.

Mega Milkshakes

These look fantastic MB, great job. Making milkshakes, what a delicious way to keep yourself busy. I have been informed that they are fruit based. A very naughty way to get your 5 a day.

ZS working hard at home and a selection of his home reading. It's great to great to see my class looking happy and healthy.

SM the warrior baker. Feeder and defender of his kingdom

Great to see SM looking so happy in the kitchen after making some delicious fairy cakes. It is also great to see him defending his baked treats, wearing his helmet made from recycled goods.

Beautiful Bunting, from MB and family

So lovely to see you getting into the spirit of VE Day with this exceptional bunting, so full of colour and joy!

You will never believe what I just jig-saw (MB)

Great job MB, this must have taken ages. That large white corner, in the top right, must have been very tricky. Amazing to see you using inspiration from one of the artists we looked at during Art Week

(Katsushika Hokusai).



Musical Moments and Toilet Roll Kick ups

Thank you for the lovely birthday card AS

Mmmmmmm Cup Cakes.... From MB

Lovely to see that MB has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I must say, your cup cakes look delicious.

Pizza by MB (The Hawaiian Double Meat Supreme Overload!!!)

Beach time! SM