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Autumn term 2

Friday 20th and Friday 27th November 


As we are self-isolating for 14 days you can check out the WOW work page for all the things we are doing during remote learning. 




Friday 13th November


Well done Abigail! smiley


Super work this week children. You have worked very hard and completed fabulous work. A hip hip horray for you all! yes Parents, please ensure you are checking the class page frequently as it is our main source of contact. There are many great resources on our page and I encourage you and your child to have a look through. 

Please complete this week's homework and practise the new spelling words.
Keep working hard at your Mathletics. Can you get a gold, silver or bronze certificate in November? Remember to check out the Mathletics Hall of Fame!

In RE we started our new topic on 'Belonging.' We thought of all the groups and clubs we belong to and how it makes us feel to belong to something. It made us feel happy, special and loved. Check out the RE tab for more information on our new topic.

We also had a special lesson on Wednesday for Remembrance Day. We wrote and read a poem and made our own poppies to wear over our hearts to remember all those who have died for us.
In English this week, we learned all about nouns - naming words. We learned that nouns are people (boy, girl, teacher, mum, Miss Tanner), places (school, home, church, Tesco, Nando's), things (table, pencil, ball, chair, book) and animals (cat, dog, fish, tiger, rat). We had lots of fun exploring our surroundings and finding nouns. Can you spot any nouns at home?

In maths we continued learning how to add. We started to look at how the part whole model can be represented in different ways/pictures. Our new words of the week were: add, plus, equal, altogether.

In science we continued our topic on 'Animals including humans' and our 5 senses - touching, seeing, smelling, tasting and hearing. We did a fun experiment where we had to smell and taste different foods and try to guess what it was. We smelled ketchup and vinegar and we tasted onion and lemon. Check out our photo gallery for more pictures!

In Humanities we celebrated Remembrance Day and learned about all of the soldiers who fought for us. They were very strong and brave. We made our own soldiers and wrote a thank you note. May they rest in peace. Check out the Humanities tab for more pictures.
In Design Technology (DT) we started our topic on mechanical toys. We are making moving vehicles. We learned about the design process and we designed our car, thinking of the materials and equipment we will need to use. Check out the Art/DT tab to see more about our new topic.





Friday 6th November

Well done children for your hard work this week. We had a busy first week back and did lots of wonderful work. Thank you parents for sending in milk/juice cartons and bottle caps. Some children brought in more than one so we now have more than enough for our DT project. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see our moving cars. smiley

Please complete this week's homework and practise the new spelling words.
Check out the final Mathletics Hall of Fame winners for September and October. Well done! Can you get a gold, silver or bronze certificate in November?

In RE we did a reflection on our topic of families. We reflected on all that we learned. Our new topic is 'Belonging.' Check out the RE tab for more information.

In English this week, we focused on sequencing. We role-played and sequenced the story of The Three Little Pigs.

The Three Little Pigs Role Play

Still image for this video

In maths we started looking at adding numbers together using the part-whole model. We used abacus beads to help us count.


In science we continued our topic on 'Animals including humans.' We learned about our 5 senses - touching, seeing, smelling, tasting and hearing. We linked it to Bonfire night and thought how we can use our 5 senses celebrating the special night.

In Humanities we finished our topic on 'Old and New Toys' by making Victorian peg dolls. Check out the humanities tab to see our dolls.
In art we learned more about Bonfire Night and made a super firework poster. Check out the picture gallery to see more.