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Black History Month

Black History Month


As part of Black History Month we have been learning about and celebrating African and Caribbean culture.


We learnt about the traditional folk tale ‘The Leopard’s Drum’ by Jessica Souhami. This tale comes from Ghana, West Africa. We found Africa on the world map and talked about how it is a big continent made of many countries. The children made and decorated their own ‘Leopard’s drums!’

The Leopard's Drum

Story time video by Carol Raby, reading "The Leopard's Drum" by Jessica Souhami. Created for the LMU Children's Center in Spring 2020.

Our 'Leopard Drums'

We read the story ‘Caribbean Dream’ by Rachel Isadora. We found the Caribbean on the world map and its many islands. The children made their own oil pastel drawing of a Caribbean beach from the story.

Caribbean Dream

Caribbean Beach Pictures

In the Early Years, we learn about people and communities all year round as part of the area ‘Understanding the World’. If you have a story or object you would like to share with Reception, please let me know.