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Glorious Gallery Year 5 Art Work

Welcome to the fabulous year 5 gallery. People will come from far and wide to peruse your wonderful pieces of work.

I am sure I would have interest from the Louvre, Tate Modern and the MOMA regarding your beautiful work, if any of them were open. Keep them coming.

Thank you MB for getting the class gallery up and running with your drawing. Your cake design is truly fit for a queen..... Mmmmmm cake.
Another excellent cake design by SM. Great job it looks delicious.
Another cake design from PZ. Well done, it looks great.
Some more excellent artwork from MB. A fantastic and colourful piece of art inspired by Andy Warhol.
Some excellent still life art by SM. Good job with the shading and shadow.
Another excellent piece of work from MB. Well done, excellent use of shadow.
Great still life work from PZ. Fantastic use of shading to add depth to your sketch, keep up the good work.
Thank you Sonny for the amazing portrait of Maurice the dog. I love your use of colour and how you have managed to capture the cuteness of your subject.
Thank you MB for these lovely drawings from home. Well done, you are truly on the way to becoming a Jedi-Artist. May the force be with you.
Some more Star Wars inspired artwork from SM, well done. Master Yoda, be proud he would.
A great piece of art inspired by the work of Paul Cezanne. Excellent use of colour Allan, well done.
Thank you JT, for the incredible piece of art inspired by Paul Cezanne. I love how you added depth, by blending lighter and darker shades. Great job.
Big thank you to CM for all of her beautiful artwork. A great range of work that covers many styles. Still life inspired by Cezanne, surrealist art inspired by Dali and some beautiful painting. Excellent job CM!

Thank you to AB, for the excellent artwork. This work was inspired by our former Artist of the Week, Pablo Picasso. Great job AB and so lovely to see your smiling face.


Thank you Molly for the wonderful piece of art inspired by Paul Cezanne.
Some lovely art inspired by VE Day. Thanks AS.
Some more lovely VE Day inspired art from PZ. Well done!
Thanks SM for this amazing Egyptian sketch.
Lovely Egyptian art from JT.
Some more great Egyptian art by MB.
Another excellent piece of Egyptian art from AS.

More excellent Egyptian art. Thanks CM!

Awesome Art by MB

Thanks MB for all of the lovely artwork. Not only did you complete both tasks, you also managed to combine the 2 styles together to create a third piece. Great job!

Amazing Art by AS

Excellent Egyptian Gods (MB and AS)

Taking a line for a walk, by MB

Taking a line For a walk, CM

Pointillism inspired by Seurat and a profile of the artist, by MB

An Amazing Recreation of Matisse by MB

Lovely Lions, by MB and AS

The Reality and Fantasy from MB's Window

Perfect Pyramids by SM