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Summer term 1

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Thank you to the parents who have been sending me photos of your children's work, they are amazing!

I look forward to seeing some more!

Miss Cullen

Thank you so much for the photos!

Children are doing amazing work at home!

Some of the photos I have been sent by you won't upload to the class page but I will keep trying to get them up.

Keep up the great work!

Summer term 2

Please look at the wonderful work parents have been sending in.

Amazing job children...and parents!

Keep up the great work!

Some photos were too big to upload so I put them on a word document and the on a PDF file. So I hope you can open the PDF and see the amazing work! 

I have had a huge response from parents emailing me to let me know how their child is getting on at home.

I am overwhelmed with the fantastic work and support you are providing your children during this difficult time.

I am very proud of all the work the children have done. Please look at the wonderful work.

If your photo has not appeared on the class page, it is because the photo/file won't upload unfortunately. I will keep trying to get the photos up some way.

Please let other parents know about the class web page incase they don't know about it.

Thank you so much parents!

Miss Cullen