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Back to school and COVID-19 resources

Welcome back to school to the children
returning on Monday 15th June. laugh



School will be a bit different than it used to be and we will be learning new rules and routines to follow. It is important for children to be aware of these changes to help prepare them for a safe and easy transition back to the classroom. Here are some things to discuss with your child:


  • We will have smaller class sizes, so all of your friends might not be back at school or in the same class as you. There will be class pods of 10 children and these will be the people you learn and play with at school. 
  • We will practise social distancing which means we cannot be too close or touch each other. We will try our best to stay 2m apart.
  • The school and classroom will look a little different with things such as: arrows on the floor to show you where to walk, markings on the tables to show you where to sit and playground spots outside to show you where we can play.
  • We will wash our hands regularly and try not to touch our faces.
  • We will eat lunch together in our pods in the classroom.
  • School will be closed each Friday for cleaning but we will still learn together from home on our class page.





Check out the link below from Twinkl for lots of great resources and activities on mental health and wellbeing for both children and adults.





Axel Scheffler (Gruffalo illustrator) has recently illustrated a digital book for primary children to read about the Coronavirus.  It answers key questions in simple language. 

Coronavirus - A book for Children.pdf





Coronavirus visual stories

These stories are supported with great visuals to help children understand more about coronavirus and how to help.





Pandemic Journal

This booklet is to help children make sense of their emotions during this difficult time.

2020 Pandemic journal for kids.pdf





Germs Science Experiment

This is a great visual experiment for children to see how germs spread and why it is so important to use soap while washing their hands.

All about germs

How to wash your hands | NHS

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS

A child friendly song explaining how to wash your hands.

Child friendly explanation of Coronavirus (COVID-19)