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Daily Learning for self-isolation period - Nov 2020 COMPLETE

This is our class isolation learning area.


- Each day the class will be set three daily tasks.

- Each task will have a teaching session via Google Classroom (timings will be on class page and on Google Classroom stream). 

- Pupils will be expected to submit work to the teacher and individual feedback will be provided on one piece of written work per child per day.


Submitting work onto Google Classroom

- Enter Google Classroom

- Go to class stream

- View work assignments on left hand side

- Follow instructions on assignment

- Complete assignment

- Press submit


If you have a printer you can print off the work and take a photo of the completed work to submit. 


If you do not have a printer you can complete the work online via the editable document and re-save or complete on separate paper and photograph to submit.


Please do not worry, we are only expecting families to do what they can and to try their best during such challenging times. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via the school office e-mail.

Stay safe,

Miss Tanner

Below is a timetable to give you an idea how our days will look. The class input on Google Classroom will be between 15-30 minutes depending on the lesson. If you want to use the reward system, children can choose their own reward to help motivate them complete their daily tasks. smiley

Google meets with the teacher will take place at the following times:

9:25am, 11:00am and 1:00pm. Please do your best to be prompt. Sign into Google Classroom and click on the meet link that will be posted in the class stream section.

It is important for children to get lots of movement while self-isolating. Children are encouraged to take brain breaks between learning. Below are some fun movement tasks we do at school that the children enjoy.