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Daily Task

Weekend Task: Friday 3rd April

Over the weekend I would like you to write a letter to someone you admire.


Have a think about these statements:


What is admiration?


What qualities do you admire in someone?


Who do you admire?


Here are some examples.





Have a nice weekend.


Mr Rodger




Thursday 2nd April

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's maths puzzle.




For today's task please design yourself as a superhero and create a comic strip of your adventures. 



Think about what makes you unique and what superpower you would like to have.


Feel free to use the comic strip template attached below.


Thank you


Mr Rodger



Wednesday 1st April

Happy April Fools' Day!

For today's task please complete

the maths puzzle below.



See answers below blush


Thank you 

Mr Rodger

Tuesday 31st March

For today's task please estimate the area and perimeter of different rooms in your home. 


How can you find out if you are correct?


Think about the household equipment you might use to measure a room. 


Thank you 

Mr Rodger

Finding Perimeter and Area

Another great tutorial from the Mathademics team! Like them? Please leave us your feedback!

Monday 30th March

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to post your thank letters to Collingwood Nursing Home.


For today's task please create a poster exploring the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 



Think about how you keep yourself healthy and active.


Give reasons as to why that is important. 


Thank you 


Mr Rodger



Friday 27th March

For today's task please write a letter to our local care home.

Many elderly people living in care homes can often feel lonely, especially now that their families cannot visit them. The staff at these care homes are working hard to help the residents with their daily needs but also to keep their spirits up during this time. So I thought it would be a good idea for you to write them a letter. Please include a detailed drawing with your letter.



The address to post your letter to is:

Collingwood Court Care Home

Nelson’s Row

Clapham, London




Good luck!


Mr Rodger