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Dear children,


I hope you have enjoyed your week so far and the tasks you have been set.


Today I would like you to mark two pieces of your own work - why do you think it is brilliant and what could be done to make it even better.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Ask your parents first but the National Theatre have started to show plays on their YouTube channel (it is called NT at home). Might be something for you to have a look at at home!


Stay healthy and happy.


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning children,


I hope you are all well and enjoying your time at home. How are you getting on with the work in the booklets? Hopefully the English and RE work is going well.


Please can you make sure that you have some rainbows up in your windows at home - they really are a joy to see when you are out on your walks. If you walk past school, can you spot the rainbows that we have put up in the windows?


Sending you lots of best wishes and good health to you and your families.


Ms Lankester :)



G00d m0rning children!


I hope you are all well. Me and my family have been playing this game You might have seen it already but I think it will be a good challenge for you all. So far I am on 31.07 seconds.


Keep having a great week and I will check back in again with you tomorrow.


Stay healthy, happy and safe.


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning children,


I hope you all had a great Monday.


Today, I would like you to pick a story, a Shakespearian play or any play that you like! Think about:

- where it would be set

- who would play each character

- what the scenery would look like (you might want to draw it out)

- if you could put the play on in your house


This might be something fun you could do over the weekend for your family and even set up a zoom call for relatives to watch!


Stay safe, well and happy!


Ms Lankester :)



Dear children,


As you can see below, I have been busy over the weekend doing lots of colouring in (thanks to CR for the very kind gift). What have you all been up to? I hope you have been keeping safe and continued in your kind ways towards everyone around you. 


I found this link on YouTube - it explains how to make a flip book! You don't need a light box to redraw the images but you could create a flip book of the Easter story, your weekend, the story of St Mary's school, your vision of our end of year production (I keep praying this will go ahead! Keep praying too!), inspirational quotes, how to explanations of tenses or even long division. The opportunities are endless with a flip book!


Missing you all lots but hoping you keep safe at home. Home is not a place where you are stuck but a place that keeps you safe.


Ms Lankester :)

Picture 1


Good morning children,


I hope you are having a good Thursday so far. A variety of links have been uploaded onto the 'All Years' page - do have a look and make use of them. Some Science work is also on the main class page, please complete with a suitable title and the date on which you complete the work.


Enjoy the sun in your gardens/with the windows wide open.


What do you call a fish without eyes? 


A fsh!


Thinking of you all. 


Ms Lankester :)



Dear children,


I hope you are all staying safe, well and enjoying some time to be self-motivated. Currently, I am sat in Miss Swan's reception classroom. All of you have been spoken about with the few children who are here this week. We miss you lots and it doesn't feel right without you!


Keep working hard at home and do the daily Body Coach workout if you can, we are doing it at school! I hope to upload some videos of different lessons next week when I am working from home.


Keep well.


Ms Lankester :)




Dear children,


I hope you have had a good weekend and managed to get out in the sun.


My weekend has been going very well and I have been thinking of you lots - even managed a 6.23 mile run! I wonder if you can work out how far that is in kilometres? The run took 1 hour, 8 minute and 47 seconds. What was my average speed in kilometres? What was my average speed in miles?


Stay safe, healthy and keep happy.


Ms Lankester :)