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Daily Tasks WB 20.04.20

Daily Tasks 24.04.20


English Task

Today's English task is on the use of commas and also involves designing your own school uniform. Have fun and send in some of your designs and work for the class page.

Maths Task

Today's task is a Friday maths challenge. Click on the link below and then scroll to the final activity at the bottom of the page.


The first 5 challenges are designed for year 5 children, but try to complete as many as you can.



Science Task


Your science task is to review the circulatory system. Please write a composition on the circulatory system by following the guidance on the attached sheet.


Watch the video link below and think back to what we covered during this topic, then click on the composition guidance notes below.


If you find this task too challenging then put together a fact file about the circulatory system instead. If you choose this option, make sure that you look at the composition guidance sheet, as the notes may help.







How does our circulatory system keeps us alive? | BBC Teach

This clip explains how the heart and circulatory system work, taking a close look at the four chambers, two sides and the valves of the heart by using CGI gr...

Daily Tasks 23.04.20

English Task

Today's task is a recap on use of commas and writing a balanced argument. I have attached a PowerPoint about the correct use of commas as a quick reminder.


Maths Task


Today's maths task is about adding decimals. Please use the link and then scroll down to lesson 4. Play the video before downloading and completing the lesson. The answers are also available through the link below, use them to check your work upon completion.

RE Task


Lesson two of the new topic of Transformation. Read carefully through the Scripture and then consider and answer the questions.



Daily Tasks 22.04.20


English Task

We are continuing with some more work on poetry and expanded noun phrases. Read through the text and use the link to watch the video. There is also a PowerPoint to recap on noun phrases if you need it.

Maths Task

Click on the link below. Look at the video for lesson 3 before attempting to download and complete the task. The answers are also available to download so that you can check your work upon completion.


Art Task

Today you will be attempting to draw some still life. This could be a sketch of any item from around your house. What you choose to sketch is up to you. Perhaps start with something simple, before moving on to something more challenging.

I have attached a video to help give you some guidance and inspiration. You do not need all of the equipment that the artist featured uses. A simple pencil, some paper and plenty of patience is all that is required.


Remember to send in photos or scans of work and I will add them to the class gallery.

Draw A Still Life In 5 Steps

How to draw a still life in 5 steps. SHOW NOTES: VISIT FOR MORE ART ...

Daily Tasks 21.04.20

English Task


Another poem to read through and perform today. Work your way through the activities and please feel free to send any videos or photographs of performances to the school office. I can then add them to the class page.


Extension: If you would like to extend yourself, try and write some poetry of your own using the themes featured in the two poems as inspiration.



Maths Task


Watch the video for lesson 2 before attempting to complete the work.

History Task


We will be starting a brand new topic today


Ancient Civilisations: The Egyptians


I would like you to design a poster/fact file about the Egyptians. On this poster I want you to write 3 things that you already know about the Egyptians. Then research and find out 5 new amazing facts about the Egyptian civilisation.

Try to make your posters as colourful as possible and remember that you send in any photos of completed work. 

Ancient Egypt 101 | National Geographic

The Ancient Egyptian civilization, famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and tombs, flourished for thousands of years. But what was its lasting impact?...

Today is The Queen's birthday. Did you know she celebrates two birthdays a year?

If you would like to know a bit more about her and the Royal Family take a look at the slides below.


There is also a template to design her a birthday cake. Have fun designing and be as creative as possible.




Daily Tasks 20.04.20

English Task

Read the poem carefully and then work your way through the questions and material. 


Maths Task


RE Task



Just in case you need anything more