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Electing New Representatives


The Election Process


Elections are held within classes to shortlist three boys and three girls. These children then campaign for two weeks until the full elections are held.




The Big Election

The election took place outside of the hall. Each class had an allotted time to attend. The children were shown the ballot paper for their class and then told what to do to cast their vote.
Rules for voting
1) Do not discuss your vote with anyone else
2) Tick one box showing the boy that you would like to vote for and one box showing the girl receiving your vote.
3) Fold your ballot paper and put it into the box.

The Voting Process


1) You have to line up in silence before and after voting.        



2)  You visit one of the helpers on the desk to fill in your ballot paper.



3) Your ballot needs to stay secret so it needs to be folded in half and then put in the ballot box.