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English as an Additional Language

Here you will find links to online resources to support your child as they develop their English language skills.


New to English learners 

An organisation called REAL has set up a blog for activities for EAL learners particularly those in the earlier stages of learning English, for parents to use with their children at home.  They are adding activities to the blog on a daily basis:


Learning English as an additional language


      -limited offer

        especially for older children – EAL learning for learners in schools. Covers school specific vocabulary, as well as functional English and phonics. Fully image-based so suitable for learners of any language and SEND learners. Assessment embedded.


Learning English for all pupils  grammar and comprehension 



Maths, literacy and all subject areas for all pupils

eg   (for EYFS)



Topic specific resources eg spiders, bones, Rosa Parks, debates, chemistry behind your favourite sweets



Online books  – free login due to Covid-19  (reading programme) – The International Childrens Digital Library (books in English and other languages) – a list of online books in a range of different languages


For Polish speakers, there is also a link to live streaming TV for pupils in Poland covering a range of subjects