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Today, I want you to think about Bertie and what kind of a boy he was. The first activity is to read through quotes (evidence) that I have taken from chapters three and four and match the most appropriate adjective (given on the second page) which describes Bertie the best for that particular part of the story. Look up the definition of the adjectives beforehand if you don't know what they mean.

Once you have done that, I want you to use the adjectives and evidence from the book to write a character profile for Bertie. I have no doubt that you will also have your own ideas and will be able to back these up with evidence from what you have read. 

Here is the start of my profile for Bertie. Can you continue it? Once you have finished, complete a colour coded key showing which Year 4 writing objectives you have used. You can write it into your book or use the attached template - good luck!


Bertie was an adventurous child. Although he lived in a large compound, he yearned to leave it and explore the wonders of the veld. He spent hours looking out at the waterhole because he would get to see tall, spread-legged giraffes and the browsing impala dinking eagerly.


fronted adverbial with comma


expanded noun phrase