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Welcome to The Amazing Work Archives. This is where I will display any non art based work. People will gather from far and wide to marvel at the incredible wonders that will be displayed on this page. 

Egypt Posters

Thank you for your excellent Egyptian posters AS and MB. 
A slide show of excellent maths work from PZ. Well done.
A selection of English and science work sent in from PZ. Well done, you have sent in so much work I have had to display it in slide show format.  Great job!

Another selection of English, maths and history from PZ. Excellent job.

Maths and English work from JT. Great job!

An amazing report on the circulatory system by AS. Great job, lots of detail and very neatly presented.

More lovely work from PZ.

A great example of persuasive advertising by AS. It worked on me, I suddenly want a smoothie.

Some great maths work from AB, keep up the good work!

More marvelous maths from JT!

A selection of English and science from JT, well done.

Some great English and history work from MB.

Thanks JT for some more great English work.

Excellent English, maths and science from PZ. Thank you very much.

Some fantastic work on the Ancient Egyptians by PZ. He has even organised it into a PowerPoint, well done.

Some excellent maths and history from JT. Thank you.

Some great VE Day inspired writing from AB. Excellent job.

I was lovely to hear that AB had been speaking to his Great Grandparents via zoom, to learn all about what is was like to live during WWII. What an amazing educational resource and opportunity to learn from someone who experienced this part of history first hand.

A great selection of English, maths, history and science from PZ. You have clearly been a busy boy, keep up the excellent work.

Some more English and maths from JT. Well done.

A selection of English, maths, history and handwriting from JT. Well done!

Some great examples of history work from MB. Well done!

Some more excellent history work from AS. Great job!

More lovely examples of English and maths from JT.

A great piece of English work MB, very powerful lyrics..

Lots of fantastic work from PZ. A selection of English, maths, science and history.

Lovely lyrics by AS

Super science from MB

A selection of work from JT, well done!

More English and maths from JT, well done!

Lovely English and maths from JT (Updated 11.06.20)

Lovely RE work from MB ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏿✊🏽

A great profile of Mary Anning from CM (It worked this time πŸ˜€)

Excellent Egyptian Hieroglyphs, by AS

More Maths and English by JT (updated 24.06.20)

English, by AS

RE, by MB

Lots of Lovely English and Maths, by JT

No One Can be in Denial About This Poster on The Nile, by MB

English and Maths by JT

English, RE and Maths from AR