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Friday 12th June

"Be the reason someone smiles today."


Friday 12th June


Good morning children,

Well done! You have made it to Friday. That's two whole weeks of home learning completed (after today's tasks). You are all working so hard from home and trying your best and that makes me very happy. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Now onto today's activities...

First, you can start your day by completing your spelling test. Then you can read the 'Parable of the Two Sons' in RE and complete the short written task. Afterwards, you can have a go at creating your own zoo or you can draw your favourite animal. I have uploaded some animal templates to inspire you and attached a YouTube clip with some examples of zoo animals so please have a look. My Year 3 maths group you are completing today's maths challenge so head on over to the BBC Bitesize page for more details (see link in the maths folder).

Have a restful weekend!

Miss Rodger smiley




RE task

'The Parable of the Two Sons.'

When he was teaching the people, and trying to help them, Jesus told this story about two sons who made choices. Choices always have consequences. Listen to the story by clicking on the video link below then answer the questions orally.


The first son

1. What was his first choice?

2. Why do you think he chose as he did?

3. How do you think he felt?


The second son

1. What did the second son choose?

2. Why do you think he changed his mind?

3. How do you think he felt?


Task: Imagine you were in the Temple the day Jesus told the story. Write a short letter to a Christian community making links between what you heard and how that might help a Christian make the right choices. 

The Parable of the Two Sons

This animated Bible story for kids is based on Matthew 21:28-32.

Art task

To tie in with the theme of animals this week can you draw your own zoo with a range of animals...or draw your favourite animal.Watch the YouTube clip for some inspiration (you can pause it at different parts as it is quite long). Then have a go at drawing some animals of your own. If you need  some help use the  animal templates in the resources folder below.


How to draw a zoo - Step by step drawing of zoo animals

Click on the link below to read the most recent letter from Miss Pluckrose.