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Friday 19th March

Homework for Friday 19th March

Please learn to spell the following words for the spelling test on Friday 26th March:

  1. word
  2. work
  3. worm
  4. world
  5. worth
  6. worst
  7. war
  8. warm
  9. towards
  10. ward

Please practise your spelling skills by using Lexia, for an hour, this week.

Please revise addition and subtraction within 100 for the maths test on Friday 26th March.

Use Times Tables Rock Stars and Hit the Button to help you to continue to practise the times tables and halving and doubling.

Please complete the activities that are set on Mathletics and try to use it for at least one hour during the week.

Aim to complete all of the tasks in all of the GCP books by the end of the Easter holiday.