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Friday 20th November

Today is

Friday 20th November

English- Task 1- Spellings Test- phonics Oy and Ou

Google Class Lesson 9:30am


Today we will start our English lesson with a spellings test on our air and ir words from this week.


We will then start to learn about our new sounds.

Together we will learn about theses new sounds. Then complete the worksheets on the ou and oy sounds.

Phonics Lesson - Set 2 'ou'

Phonics Lesson - Set 2 'oy'

Maths- Task 2- Addition Google Class Lesson 11am

Building on our knowledge of fact families, today we will be learning addition. 


We will read through the learning slides together and then complete one of the two worksheets.





Art- Task 3- Animal Drawing Google Class Lesson 1PM


Today we are learning how to draw pictures step-by-step. Listen to the story Ronald the Rhino and see if you can draw the rhino, the leopard and the python from the story. Follow the step-by-step instructions to help you.


You can try to draw some other animals if you would like too. Have fun!


Art- Task 3- Animal drawing

Ronald the Rhino

Show and Tell Google Class 1:15PM- 1:30 PM