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Friday 20th November

Please refer to the tab below for homework and new spellings.

Good morning Year 1! 

Welcome to a new day. Remember to always make green choices. yes




Today is Friday the 20th of November.


  • What is the day of the week?
  • What is the month of the year?
  • What is the weather today?
  • What season is it?





Let’s start our day with a prayer.

Thank you Lord for this new day
in my home (school) to work and play.

Please be with me all day long,

in every story, game and song.

May all the happy things we do,

Make you our Father happy too.



  • Phonics: air and ir spelling test
  • English: Adjective monsters
  • Maths: Fact Families
  • Art/show and tell: Step-by-step animal drawings





Time to complete our spelling test.




English: Adjectives

Google Meet 9:25am


Today we are learning more about how adjectives describe nouns. We will be making adjective monsters.



We will read through the learning slides together and then complete one of the three worksheets. 

Big, Big, Big | Adjectives Song for Kids





Maths: Fact Families 

Google Meet 11:00am


Building on our understanding of number bonds, today we we will be learning all about fact families.


We will read through the learning slides together and then complete one of the three worksheets. 

Aut1.6.1 - Fact families - addition facts




Art: Animal drawings

Show and Tell at 1:15pm

Google Meet 1:00pm

Today we are learning how to draw pictures step-by-step. Listen to the story Ronald the Rhino and see if you can draw the rhino, the leopard and the python from the story. Follow the step-by-step instructions to help you.

You can try to draw some other animals if you would like too. Have fun! smiley

Ronald the Rhino read by Miss Tanner



We will have show and tell at 1:15pm. Please bring something you want to share with the class. This could be anything from your favourite toy or something that you have made.