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Friday 22nd May

Good morning children it is Friday 22nd of May and the last day before half term! (Which means you have next week off home schooling!) 




Find below a power point about adjectives. Work your way through the presentation and then either complete the worksheet below or in your exercise book write a short piece about anything you like but using those powerful adjectives. 



Well done to getting to the end of another half term only one more to go till the summer holidays! Next week is half term so last bit of set work until after the break.



Friday afternoon would normally be a mix of the above.




Check out the PE page below for links for a whole load of different things for you to do at home. 




You could carry on with either of your projects or log onto Espresso Coding (link below) and carry on from where you left off with your coding.


username: student21608

password: Mary007




Again you could add to either of your projects or draw/paint/sculpt something you like. You all know how wonderful an artist Mrs Bennet is. She has drawn a cartoon picture of every teacher at school. If you're good maybe I'll show you some.