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Friday 24th April

Miss Rodger’s morning message


Spelling test: Friday 24th April

Your weekly spelling test will take place every Friday. 

Remember to number your page 1-21 and ask a parent or sibling to test you in  random order. Then mark your answers out of 21. smiley


Click this link for a copy of this weeks spelling lists.


Homework: Friday 24th April

This weekend, your homework task is to choose one

activity from the list below. 

The activity should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. 

Feel free to email me a picture of your completed task. 

Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Rodger



Activities to choose from:

1. Create your own workout with five different exercises to do.

2. Write a poem about how people can keep healthy and safe. 

3. Design a poster about how to help stop food waste. 

4. How many numbers can you make with the digits 1, 5, 6, and 8? 



Humanities task



In Humanities this term we will be learning all about the ROMANS.


In your exercise book can you draw a mindmap (like the one shown below).



Please write ROMANS in the centre then answer these questions in the spaces provided.


What do you know already about the Roman Empire?


Can you name any key people from the Roman era?


What happened during the Roman Invasions?



Watch the video below to learn more about the Roman Empire.



Romans invade Britain

Still image for this video

Please watch -The Roman Empire - 5 Things You Should Know - History for Kids - Rome

Educational video for children to learn the five things they should know about the Roman Empire: when Rome was founded, the legend of Romulus and Remus, the ...


Using the Roman Empire timeline cards attached below please draw a timeline neatly into your book. 


Use this example if you wish to layout your work.

Or this example to layout your work.




Then find out who Julius Caesar was using a book or the internet.


Use the key questions provided on the sheet below to help.



Record your answers in your book or on the sheet provided.