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Friday 24th April

Good morning everyone! Yesterday, as well as being St. George's Day, was also the birthday of a very famous English author. He died just over 400 years ago. He wrote stories, plays, poetry and is often referred to as 'The Bard of Avon'. There is a theatre on the Southbank where you can still see his plays today. Any guesses??


The answer of course is William Shakespeare. Find below some activities linked to the great man himself. 


Once you've had a look through those links above you could channel your inner Shakespeare and see if you have been inspired. You could make up your own play or story. You could write your own poetry.


If you have a look at the work submitted yesterday you'll find a wonderful poem written by Emelia and Hector (plus family!) If you have a good memory you could retell one of the Shakespeare for children stories we have already read this year. (My favourite is Hamlet because the Lion King is loosely based on it!) 

Maths Investigation (adult help will likely be needed)


I'll be in school today so I am going to take a photo of our bottle from our evaporation experiment (if you can remember that long ago!) and upload it to our page. If you wanted to replicated the experiment at home you could really easily.


A few bottles with the same amount of water in them left in differing places to see how the different environment affects the time it takes for the water to evaporate. 


Also head over to the science tab on the home page. There are lots of links for you to look at. Maybe you could try one of the home experiments over the weekend.