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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Friday 24th April

What is the date today? Remember to use full sentences. 

Morning message - 24.04.20

Miss Tanner reads Peter Piper






  • Spelling test /ear/ and /ie/ sounds
  • Handwriting and Phonics/reading
  • English: Letter from Princess Tiana to her Wizard
  • Maths: Make and compare 2-digit numbers
  • Art: Mindfulness drawing and colouring
  • Weekend homework/new spellings



Daily handwriting and phonics

Please aim for 30 minutes (15 each) of handwriting and phonics per day. 


ENGLISH - Today's activity focuses on identifying features and different aspects of a letter and your own letter writing.

English task - Letter from Princess Tiana to her Wizard



MATHS - Today's activity focuses on making and comparing 2-digit numbers. Which number is less? Which number is more? Look at our web links page below to find these songs/activities to support your learning today.

Maths task - Make and compare 2-digit numbers




ART - Today's activity is all about mindfulness. Find a quiet room and turn on some peaceful music. Choose a pattern and make it colourful. 

Extra challenge: Draw your own pattern and colour it in.



HOMEWORK AND SPELLINGS Choose one of the writing templates to complete. These are all about home learning. Follow the link below to get your weekly spellings. We will be learning about the soft g /j/ and the hard g sounds /g/.