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Friday 27th November

Quick link to homework and new spellings. If you miss the live lesson tomorrow morning you can find the spellings of the week below (ou and oy) sounds.


Today is Friday the 27th of November.





  • Phonics: ou and oy spelling test
  • English: Hold a sentence
  • Maths: Adding more using our fingers
  • PSHE/show and tell: Friendships




Our sounds of the week are:



First let's warm up with our speed sounds! 

Speed Sounds Set 2 and 3 for Reception and Foundation Stage

Now it is time to complete our spelling test.




English: Hold a sentence

Google Meet 9:25am



We have been learning about verbs. We know verbs are ACTION words and tell us what the noun is doing - climb, sit, stand, swim


Sentences with adjectives, nouns and verbs. WOW sentences.

Today we will do hold a sentence, just like we do at school. Who can get a gold star for their golden sentences?! 

Remember we review the sentence together and then I will hide it on the screen for you to try on your own. Can you:

- Spell all of your words correctly?

- Use a capital letter at the beginning?

- Use a full stop at the end?

- Use finger spaces in between your words?

- Write neat letters facing the correct way?










Google Meet 11:00am

Today we are going to continue learning about adding. We will be using our fingers to help us.



We will read through the learning slides together and then you can complete one of the three worksheets.

Different Ways Of Addition




PSHE/Show and tell

Google Meet 1:00pm

Today we will be learning about friendship.

What do you think makes a good friend? 

  • Do you have a friend?
  • Are they kind?
  • Do they make you laugh?
  • Do they share their toys with you?


How do you think you could be a good friend?

  • Do you listen to your friends?
  • Do you play nicely with your friends?
  • Do you say nice things to your friends?


Talk about what makes a good friend and look through the sorting cards. Next, complete the worksheet 'What I want in a friend.' I can't wait to see your beautiful pictures and lovely handwriting. smiley


Enemy Pie read by Camryn Manheim

Learn more about friendship in this wonderful read-aloud.