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Friday 27th November

Today is

Friday 27th November 

English- Task 1- Spellings Test- phonics 

Google Class Lesson 9:30am

English- Task 1- Hold a sentence

Maths- Task 2- Mental Maths Addition

Google Class Lesson 11am

Today we will be completing some Mental Maths Addition questions.

We will read through the learning slides together and then complete one of the three worksheets.

Art- Task 3- Google Class Lesson 1PM

Today we will be going to Venice! We will pretend we are going to a Viennese ball wearing our beautiful masks. First we will learn about the history of masks and then we will create our very own. Remember the more extravagant the better!


Masks of the Collection | The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Collection

Show and Tell Google Class 1:15PM- 1:30 PM