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Friday 5th June

Good morning children it is Friday 5th June. We've already reached the end of another week of school and I'd like to say a big well done to those of you still persevering away at home. Keep it up!




To start with I'd like you to finish off your daily handwriting for the week. The slide is back on Mondays page if you haven't saved it. Find below your spellings sheet for you to complete. You will get one of these every Friday. 


Finally I've written a letter to my mummy below. But I'm worried I may have made some mistakes because we've been away from school for so long! See how many mistakes you can find. Maybe you could write a letter to someone you miss this weekend. It's always nice to find a letter or postcard on your doorstep from a friend.



We are continuing today with fractions. Year 4 the first 4 attachments below are for you and the bottom four for Year 3. 

Golden Time!


I realised this morning that you've not had any (official) golden time since we left school! So for your third and final lesson of the week you have some free choice. You could do some art or DT. You could make/practise/rehearse your own play or performance for your family. You could work on any of the projects you have going. You could record yourselves doing a show and tell and I can upload them for everyone to see. Or you could find a quiet corner somewhere and read something less academic, a magazine or comic perhaps. 


Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you all soon.

Mr Elgey