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Friday 5th June

Good morning children,


I hope you had a very nice day yesterday. I was very pleased to hear from a few more children and to see what they have been doing over the past few weeks. 


Today you have 3 activities to look at in maths, English and RE. If you complete the maths family challenge you can have a go at the test on fractions and decimals to see how much you remember about this area. I ill post the answers in the early afternoon. 


In English you will be looking at a very famous poem called The Sound Collector.  There is a video you can watch which brings it to life a bit more and will help you understand some of the noises.


In RE, the next lesson is on the Ten Commandments. See if you can learn the Commandments and come up with actions to help you remember them. 


Have a lovely weekend children and I will see some of you on Monday. Even if you are not coming to school on Monday, I will continue to post work on the class webpage so please use this as a main point of contact. 


Best wishes, 


Mr Rodger



Read ‘The Sound Collector’. Make notes about sounds you can hear in your houses. Follow the instructions to write your own poem based on the original.   



Fractions and Decimals Test

The following video contains a very detailed explanation of the importance of the Ten Commandments. Watch it if you wish to explore the Commandments further.

Bishop Barron on The Ten Commandments

Find more videos at Although most of our parents's generation knew the Ten Commandments by heart, few Christians today can recite them...

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