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Friday 8th May VE Day

Well done for getting through another week under lockdown. I hope you are all in good spirits and making the most of your time. It's been 7 weeks since school was closed and 8 weeks since art week when we were last all together. I miss all of you very, very much and I hope it will be safe to return to school soon. Well done to all those who have emailed me work and what not this week, if you want to send an email just to have a conversation that's fine as well. I miss hearing what you've been up to!


As for today's work, as it's a rather special bank holiday Miss Pluckrose has decided to give you the day off. I imagine many of you will be doing something fun for VE Day so send me some photos to share on our class page so your friends can see what you've been up to too. 


Here's a picture of Frankie in the park with his mates. He's destroyed two footballs this week!


I've added a few more things VE Day themed below. Take a look.


VE Day: How Great Britain celebrated 75 years ago

Europe is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis and the end of World War II on Friday 8 May.