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General reading and writing activities

Reading and writing activities



1.) Pick a descriptive word from the text, write it down in the exercise book provided and using a thesaurus, write down five synonyms for that word.


2.) Re-read a chapter. Pick out a ‘Top Ten’ of powerful words that you will use in your own writing. (You could limit yourself to just verbs, adjectives or adverbs.)


3.) Write them in your exercise book with their definition and use them in a sentence. How does the story hook you in at the beginning? Make a list of words and phrases that you feel are effective in making you want to read on.


4.) List the words and phrases that the author has used to create an atmosphere, such as ‘scary’, ‘spooky’, ‘tense’, ‘relaxed’ ‘anxious’ etc.


5.) Make a list of as many adjectives as you can from your chapter.

Find their meanings if you do not know them.