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We somewhat successfully had our first SHOW and TELL on June 26!  Thank you for sharing all your wonderful toys and stories!  


Remember - read the how to log on sheet if you do not know how to log on. 


  • Log in to Google Classroom.  Forwarded links do not always work.
  • Always use your child's gmail address and password. 
  • Always go into the Class Stream called Class SW.
  • Select the meet link in the grey banner.


How to log on


Meeting Groups

Our next meeting is Tuesday 7th July and Friday 10th July. 

Tuesday 7th July:  Group 2 - 9:30am, Group 3 - 10:30am

Friday 10th July: Group 1 - 9:30am


Our next meeting is Friday 3rd July. 

Our first meeting is Friday 26th June.  

See your time and group below and join the meeting.