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Check below for more details/topics.

Thursday 16th July at 12.00 - 12.30pm for home learning group



Friday 17th July at 12:00pm for everyone in our class!




Go to or download the Google Classroom app onto your smart device. Please login prior to our meeting to ensure your login works as well as your camera and microphone.

When you login you should see a group named 'Home Learning Group.' Please click on this and in the stream section you will find the link. The link will be posted on the stream on Thursday at 11.55am. Children can not enter the room until a teacher is present so please do not try to enter before 12.00pm. 


I understand parents will be in the room to monitor children while they use Google Meet, but I encourage children to be on screen on their own. This will help children be more forthcoming sharing with myself and their peers. 

Remember to use your loud and clear speaker voice so that we can all hear you.




The topic for Thursday 16th July is Year 2 and summer! You have the choice to share your work from Tuesday's PSHE task on your Year 1 time capsule or you can share your work from Wednesday's Art task on your summer sunglasses or maybe you want to share both! laugh Check out the tasks page for July 14th and 15th for more details. 






The topic for Friday 17th July (12:00pm) is beach party! Come dressed in your brightly coloured beach clothes. Bring anything from your bucket and spade, beach ball, hat and It's time to ring in the summer holidays.


Please do your best to attend this meeting. It will be the last time we come together as a Year 1 class. There will be important information for both parents and children before we break up for the summer holidays. I can't wait to see you at our end of year beach party. laughlaughlaugh